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Message from the Provincial

My Dear Friends in Don Bosco,

Fr. Felix Fernandes, SDB

It gives me great joy to pen down a message for the website hosted by Don Bosco Youth Welfare Centre, Parra, Goa. Ever since its inception twenty years ago, Don Bosco Parra has been reaching out to numerous young people.

As stated in the Vision & Mission statement, Don Bosco strives to promote holistic education of the young, particularly the poor and the marginalized. This is done through education and skill-training.

A special feature of the NIOS education is that the academically challenged youngsters have the possibility of choosing and excelling in subjects that are in tune with their individual and unique aptitude.

St. John Bosco dedicated his entire life to the service of the young. The saint would often repeat: "It is enough for me to know that you are young, for me to love you." In the course of the last twenty years, the Salesians and their close collaborators have done Don Bosco proud by reaching out to the young, assisting them in their journey towards young adulthood.

I wish the Rector, Salesians, staff and students the joy of learning and of spiritual growth in the campus that is Don Bosco, Parra.

Affectionately in Don Bosco,
Fr. Felix Fernandes, SDB

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