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Don Bosco Youth Centre
The Youth Centre provides a safe and caring place for young people to come with their friends. It is a home away from home and has the atmosphere of a family where each person is respected and valued. There is a range of recreational equipment and facilities, including table tennis, basketball, soccer and futsal.

Everyone is welcome at the Don Bosco Youth Centre, regardless of age, ethnic background or religion. Our Philosophy is summed up in the words of our founder, St John Bosco

"Run, jump, Shout but do not Sin"

The aim of the Centre is to enrich the lives of all young people, but particularly those most in need, so that they become responsible citizens and happy individuals.

Schools and community groups can book the Centre for their sport and recreation programs, personal development and reflection days, etc. Families can book the Centre for their special occasions.

Come and enjoy the fun @ Don Bosco Youth Centre, Parra

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